Warranty Policy


  • The warranty is only valid when have stampe on products. During the warranty, the product is warranted when the components that make up the product are self-damaging or damaged in manufacturing defect.
  • EHQ performs the warranty products according to the manufacturer’s warranty in Vietnam. Depend on the manufacturer and each type of product, the warranty time it’s different.
  • When product an error, please contact us as soon as possible, we will be responsible for warranty support with the manufacturer.
  • In case of product need replacement of components, EHQ reserves the right to use any type of part in accordance with the Manufacturer’s standards.


  • The product has exceeded the warranty time make on stamp.
  • Products that cannot be identified as distributed by EHQ, we reserve the right to reject warranty.
  • Don’t have EHQ invoice.
  • The EHQ warranty stamp is broken or modified.
  • Warranty card (if any) does not specify the Serial number and date of purchase
  • The product serial number and the serial number on warranty card do not match or cannot be identified.
  • Damage by fire, flooded water or installation not accordance with the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Product is damaged by mechanical impact, dropping breaking and denting.
  • The product is damaged by the entry of insects to make Arc discharge.
  • Arbitrarily repairing by individuals or technicians not authorized by EHQ.


  • In case of not eligible for the warranty, we will advise and support the customer other solution with maximum responsibility.
  • Product warranty is to fix defects, technical problems by manufacturer of that product.
  • The product must be within the warranty time specified by each manufacturer.
  • Repairs and replacement parts or change products will be warranted for 3 months from date the customer receive back product, or according to the remaining warranty time of the product, whichever is longer.
  • Products that are not eligible for warranty or have expired warranty will be repaired for a fee. We will contact with you and quote before repair if total cost (labor + parts + VAT tax) is more than 500,000 VND or when have a request for a quote from customer.