Supervisory relays (F74)


Trip circuit supervision relay (F74) monitors power supply for the tripping coil of Circuit breaker from main Power supply to tripping coil is always in the ready state. It will alarm if voltage supply is low or power lost. Trip circuit supervision relay (F74) are widely application in Protection panel.

Monitoring is done by passing a small current through F74 relay connected with the tripping coil of breaker. This current for monitoring in circuit is very small. Therefore, F74 relay have consumes power a very small.

Product Features

■ Current Consumption: 13 ~ 32mA
■ Tripping time: Từ 200 ~ 400ms
■ Rated current of contact: 8A
■ Operate temperature: -10oC to +55oC
■ Mechanical life: 107 times

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