Short-circuit indicator Sigma Plus


Underground cable short-circuit indicator Sigma PLus designed to detect and display local and remote short-circuits in medium voltage power distribution systems The product is compatible with RMU cabinets of brands such as: SafeRing of ABB; RM6 of Schneider; 8DJH, NXPLUS C of Siemens; XIRIA of EATON

Product Features

■ Short circuit and earth fault detection with 3 single-phase current transformers.
■ Indicator per phase (LED)
■ Adjustable Trip current
■ External power supply 24Vdc
■ Remote alarm

Advantages of product

■ No false trips due to higher harmonics
■ Detection of high-impedance earth faults
■ Add fault direction function
■ Automatic and remote Reset

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website Horstmann