Short-circuit and earth fault indicator ComPass A/B


ComPass A and ComPass B is short-circuit and earth fault indicator for medium voltage distribution grids with earthed and Isolated earthed system. Through communication protocol RS485 / Modbus RTU, parameters can be parameterized, reports fault direct to Scada The product is compatible with RMU cabinets of brands such as: SafeRing of ABB; RM6 of Schneider; 8DJH, NXPLUS C of Siemens; XIRIA of EATON

Product Features

■ Short circuit and earth fault detection with 3 single-phase current transformers
■ Display the current in each phase
■ Multi-language OLED display, multi-color LED
■ Remote alarm via RS485 / Modbus RTU with 4 output relay contacts configurable
■ Simple and intuitive operation
■ Monitoring V, I, F (ComPass B)
■ Monitoring load and current direction P, Q, S, Cosφ (ComPass B)
■ Monitoring voltage <, V> (ComPass B)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website Horstmann