Trip suppervision relay VDF-10


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Mã sản phẩm: VDF-10

F74 relay to suppervision trip-circuit of circuit breaker always in the ready state, it’s monitoring the power supply to circuit breaker tripping coil. It will alarm if voltage supply is low or power lost. Supervisory relays (F74) are widely used in relay protection panel.

■ Number of contact: 2C/O
■ Voltage control: 110Vdc; 230Vac; 220Vdc (Confirm voltage control when order)
■ Product code: VDF-10 Vdc OP
■ Socket flush mounting: F EMP TR OP
Price included Relay + Socket

Monitoring is done by passing a small current through F74 relay connected with the tripping coil of breaker. The current flowing through this monitoring circuit is normally less than 1.4mA. Therefore, F74 relay have consumes power a very small.

Must be compatible with the tripping time of main protection relay. The tripping time of the circuit breaker must be less than 150ms, otherwise the relay will trip wrong and warning the trip-circuit is broken when main protection relay tripped.

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