Trip & Lock-out relay 8C/O Flush mounting


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Mã sản phẩm: BJ-8RP

Trip & lock-out relay (F86) are widely used in protection panels in electrical systems.

■ Number of contact: 8C/O
■ Voltage control: 110Vdc; 230Vac; 220Vdc (Confirm voltage control when order)
■ Product code: BJ-8RP Vdc
■ Socket for flush mounting: J EMP TR BJ8RP OP
Price includes Relay + Socket

Trip and lock-out relay (F86) is a relay with 2 coils, 1 trip coil and 1 reset coil. The trip coil is powered through the main protection relay contacts such as overcurrent relay, difference relay, distance relay… when have fault, main protection relay triped to power supply for the trip coil of F86 and then NO contacts of F86 will act to trip coil of circuit breaker. NC contact of F86 relay (connected with the closing coil of circuit breaker) will open, not allow circuit breaker to close (lockout function). When want to close the breaker, must be reset F86 relay by the reset coil or manual reset button.

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