Multifunction Meter


UPM309 & UPM309RGW are innovative products for measuring and recording electrical parameters.
Meter has built-in RS485 port for Modbus RTU/ASCII protocol or Ethernet port for Modbus TCP/IP protocol. It is available with WintoolNET software, webserver for remote management tool completely free.


■ Monitoring and control energy
■ Multifunction measurement
■ Peak value power control
■ Installation for electrical switchboard
■ Remote measuring via communication

Advantages of product

■ Class 0,5 for kWh standard IEC/EN 61557-12
■ Dimension 96x96x39 mm
■ Current transformer 1/5A or via Rogowski coils
■ Memmory 8Mb to record (ENH version)
■ Record all energy parameters (ENH version)
■ 2 Digital input, 1 Digital output, 1 Analog output (option)

For more information, please download datasheet of Algodue