Energy Meter with Breaker control

Product Specifications

  • Supervision for electricity parameters
  • Under/Over protection, overload and short circuit protection
  • Number of pole: 2P for single phase network and 4P for three phase network
  • Rated current 16A~100A / Short-time Icu 6kA
  • Communication: 3G, 4G, Wifi, NB-IoT, RS485
  • Active/Reactive Energy: Class 1.0
  • Standard MCB: IEC60947-2, EC60898-1, GB14048.2, GB10963.1
  • Elctrical life: 10.000 times, Mechanical life: 20.000 Times
  • Ambient temperature: -10℃ ~ +70℃

Today, the concept Internet of Things (IoT) it’s not too strange, do you want to monitor the electricity power for your house on the phone App and remote control to OFF Circuit breaker in your home if have problem but you went out?

EHQ Electrical Equipment JSC would like to introduce products Energy Meter with Breaker, is a solution integrates 01 wireless meter connection via phone App (kWh energy, current, voltage…) with 01 Circuit breaker with ON/OFF control function remote via App. If unfortunately there is a fire by electric leak when no body at home, if have neighbor call, so you can turn OFF the main Circuit breaker of the apartment to minimize damage.

Application object

■ Easy install at home CB box
■ Installed at the power supply cabinet for the rental Kiosk

Pros of the solution

■ Tracking measurement data anytime, anywhere via the Internet
■ Control ON/OFF Circuit breaker via App

Datasheet: Download here I To buy product: Click here

Application video

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