Centralized Measurement Solution

Why did EHQ choose the M-BUS communication protocol but not Modbus RS485 for the measurement data acquisition system?

The first, the acquisition of this measurement data is not frequent, maybe only once per month at the time of creat billing invoice. Therefore M-BUS was created to overcome the cons something of Modbus in data transmission. Below are the main criteria so we can see the difference

  • In the M-Bus protocol, there is less electrical interference than in RS485 protocol (e.g. When install parallel the M-Bus cable with Power cable).
  • The transmission technique in M-Bus is use current signal, not voltage difference signal as in Modbus RS485.
  • Each M-Bus Master can connect up to 250 slaves on a bus with length wire upto 1km without to use repeater, while Modbus RTU only allows upto 32 slaves on loop, even when use repeater the maximum number of slaves on the bus is only 128. This incurs quite a bit of cost compared to M-Bus.
  • RS485 devices must always be power supply, while most M-Bus devices are power supply by the data cable itself.

Today, the concept Internet of Things (IoT) it’s not too strange, with many countries on the world gradually switching to remote monitoring for devices used in apartments to optimize time for operation and management.

EHQ Electrical Equipment JSC would like to introduce a data logger system (kWh meter, water meter, Gas meter, heat meter) suitable for centralized management applications, reporting and creat billing invoice every month on computer.

Application object

■ Data acquisition of electricity and water meters in the apartment building
■ Data acquisition of electricity and water meters in the rental apartment
■ Data acquisition of electricity and water meters in the rental Kiosk of the shopping center
■ Data acquisition of electricity and water meters in the rental office buildings

Pros of the solution

■ Tracking measurement data anytime, anywhere via the Internet
■ Export monthly invoices to Excel on your computer
■ Reasonable investment costs

Application video

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