About us

Field Operations

EHQ is a Company operating in the field of Trade and Distribution of Electrical Equipment for Industrial and Civil. EHQ provide solutions and technical services to meet the requirements of customers in the fields of transmission, distribution, control and automation of Power Systems.

What we have?

With the advantage of understand the high-end Electrical Switchboard of big brands in the world such as Blokset of Schneider, Sivacon of Siemens, MNS of ABB. EHQ will bring to Customers solutions and high quality products, bringing efficiency to each your project.

Our Human

With human resources more than 10 years of experience in the field of Switchboard design, Automation solution and distribution of electrical equipment, we understand the needs of Customers and Product segments for each project. We are committed to providing you services, solutions and products reasonable to optimize your costs.

Commitment to Customers

We always put the interests of our Customers first and become truly your partner, we constantly improve the quality of supply services, after-sales services bring to you quality products with the most suitable price. Cooperation with you is an opportunity for us to fulfill this commitment.

What can we do for our customers?

We understand that customers are the center of revenue generation for the Company, so dedicated and attentive customer care is a task for all employees of EHQ. Just contact EHQ, you will be satisfied with our support.

Taking quality as the top criterion, we always strive to bring for you with the best quality products, suitable for the weather conditions in Vietnam so that the Equipment operates stably.

With many number of products prepared in stock, we are committed to provide products to customers in the shortest time.

EHQ offers extended warranty services with flexible options for warranty extension, response levels and warranty methods at a cost that suits customers budgets.

EHQ not only making customers satisfied by the quality of products and services, we always learn and listen from you, constantly improve the quality of our services.

Multi-function meter

Current & Voltage Test Block